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General Instruction
1. Student must come to school neatly dressed, in their complete uniform.

2. The child must carry his/her diary & I-card every day.

3. Students are expected to reach the school at least 10 minutes before the starting time.

4. Frequent late comers will be sent home.

5. Students are not permitted to bring objectionable material to the school e.g. magazines , video games Mobile phones & electronic gadgets, etc.

6. Students are not permitted to wear ornaments, use expensive wrist watches, apply heena /nail paint/ fancy clips/bands etc.

7. The girls, who have got their ear pierced, will wear only small studs.

8. Kindly send a diary note seeking appointment in case you would like to meet the educator.

9. On all Saturdays (except fourth Saturday) parents can come and meet the concerned educator, between 9:30 am 11:30 am, by taking prior appointment.

10. In all official correspondence with the school, full name of the child, as well as the class and admission number should be mentioned.

11. The child should carry his/her Tiffin and other articles required in school in the morning, as the school shall not accept shall not accept any item sent through servants or friends during working hours due to security reasons.

12. Ours is an environment-friendly school. Therefore, polythene Bags are not allowed on the campus. Kindly provide cloth/jute/polythene bags to your child to carry to carry his/her belongings.

13. Leave will be sanctioned only against the prescribed leave application form.

14. No child shall be permitted to leave early unless it is a medical emergency.

15. Medical leave will only be granted on provision of a medical certificate by a competent authority.

16. A student suffering from any infectious disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the class, after submitting a medical fitness certificate from a competent authority.

17. The affected child would not be allowed to come to school even if there is an examination:-

 Chicken Pox- Till complete falling of scabs.
 Cholera - Tillthe child completely well.
 Measles- Two weeks after the rash disappears.
 Mumps- Untilthe swelling has gone.
 Whoopingcough- Six weeks.